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How Does  Crossing the Chasm Relate to Sales?

Cost-Effective Revenue Growth

Like most entrepreneurs, you know that great sales and marketing is the key to growing your business.  But as a busy startup, finding the time, money, or resources can be tough. That’s where we can help. By using one of our executive level sales or marketing professionals on a fractional basis, you’ll enjoy a flexible, low risk solution that takes advantage of a wealth of leadership and expertise backed by a track record of success.

Sales and Marketing Expertise

We bring over 50 years of combined sales and marketing experience to your business, and have been helping startups and growing businesses succeed since 2006. We’ll help you implement the processes and tools you need to drive short-term wins as well as lay a foundation for long-term success. We have experience designing sales and marketing programs for every budget and will create a program that is perfectly suited to your organization’s needs.

Leadership and Execution

Unlike other consultants who just build and develop your sales and marketing strategies, we will also execute and manage the processes for you. Directly leading to growing revenues, and helping turn words and plans into a tangible and quantifiable sales funnel.

Openness and Transparency

You will always have a full view into our activities and progress through shared access to a CRM tool of your choosing.  Your growth and long-term success is always our main priority.

Don’t have the resources to do it? That’s why we’re here.

Venture Accelerator Partners offers assistance for your sales efforts on a part-time basis, providing access to the resources needed to scale in a financially friendly way. Learn more about our Sales, Marketing and Social Media services for startups and growing organization in Toronto, the GTA, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge, and the Hamilton and Niagara regions.


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