Part-Time VP of Sales

Developing a process-driven approach to sales – one that is tailored precisely to your business – is one of the hardest things for a growing business to get right.

A Part-time VP of Sales will work closely with your management team to provide comprehensive sales leadership and support, developing a sales strategy and plan and overseeing its implementation.

We can provide:

b2b marketing servicesPath to Sales Success

Coaching your team on the importance
of understanding and adhering to the
sales process, your Part-time VP of
Sales will work to continually optimize
your strategy as required to maximize
your organization's sales success.

b2b marketing servicesGrowing Your Sales Team

With a wealth of executive-level
management experience, your Part-Time
VP of Sales can identify and hire
the right salespeople for your business,
create personalized onboarding plans,
and help set compensation.

b2b marketing servicesCRM

As a CRM expert, your Part-time VP of
Sales will provide CRM recommendations,
set-up your CRM tools as you require,
provide best practices documentation, train
your team on using the tool, and develop
custom reports to monitor your funnel.

b2b marketing servicesSetting Sales Targets

With a range of sales targets (revenue
& activity-based) and quotas, monitoring
your progress weekly, and making
adjustments as needed, your Part-Time
VP of Sales will ensure you meet
your revenue goals.

b2b marketing servicesSales Mentoring

By mentoring your internal sales team
and sales team leaders on sales strategy
best practices, your Part-time VP of
Sales will help ensure your organization
is well positioned to succeed in the

B2B marketing servicesC-Suite Targeting

With decades of executive-level sales
experience, your Part-time VP of Sales
is able to reach C-Suite executives
within your target market, helping ensure
your message reaches contacts with the
authority to make decisions.

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The Sales & Marketing Fast Start Plan™ addresses:

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