Part-Time Sales Representative

As many startups and growing businesses find, proper execution of the sales process takes significant time, focus and commitment.

An experienced Part-time Sales Representative can provide your business with a scalable sales resource that can effectively implement your sales plan, working from between four and sixteen days per month.

We can provide:

b2b marketing servicesProspecting

Prospecting is a crucial part of the
sales process. Your Part-time Sales
Rep will find and research companies to
find the right targets, initiate first
contact with prospects, qualify prospects,
and escalate opportunities where

b2b marketing servicesOutbound Sales

Next up is the all important leg work.
Your Part-time Sales Representative will
develop detailed meeting plans, schedule
and attend meetings, conduct product
demos, and build relationships with your

b2b marketing servicesProposals

High quality sales proposals lead to
high quality sales. Your Part-Time Sales
Representative will write and present
proposals to customers, helping to move
sales opportunities through your sales

b2b marketing servicesClosing Sales

With a wealth of experience in the art
of negotiating contracts and closing deals,
your Part-Time Sales Representative will
even look for additional opportunities to
upsell once deals are closed.

b2b marketing servicesEstablishing Sales Processes

By documenting all information and
detailing all sales activities in a CRM
tool of your choosing, Your Part-Time
Sales Representative will ensure you have
an accurate representation of your sales
funnel at all times.

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The Sales & Marketing Fast Start Plan™ addresses:

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  • Sales Approach
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  • Plan

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