Part-Time VP of Marketing

If your marketing strategy lacks direction or focus, or isn’t generating the results you expect, a Part-time VP of Marketing is the answer.

A Part-time VP of Marketing will help you find and build relationships with the right target markets, setting in place the strategies, plans, tactics and processes you need to grow your revenues over the long-term.

We provide:

b2b marketing servicesStrategy

Your Part-Time VP of Marketing will
help craft brand identity and tonality,
perform target market analyses, create
target personas, perform competitive
analyses, and help you establish brand
positioning and value propositions that
resonate with your ideal prospects.

b2b marketing servicesTactics

Based on your goals and your target
market, your Part-Time VP of Marketing
will create tactical plans to help turn
prospects into customers. Tactics
could include content marketing, email marketing, social media, direct mail,
trade shows and events, creating
contests, or PR campaigns.

b2b marketing servicesMarketing Plans

On an annual, semi-annual, or specified
basis, your Part-time VP of Marketing
can help you define and set core
objectives, KPIs, and key activity targets,
create a content calendar, and set
communications objectives, all while
optimizing your marketing budget.

b2b marketing servicesManagement & Reporting

Your Part-time VP of Marketing can
manage & mentor your marketing staff,
guide the development of marketing
materials, ensure your marketing activities
are aligned with your strategy, monitor
the competitive landscape for threats
and opportunities, protect the integrity
of your brand, and optimize ROI.

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