What We Do

B2B Sales and Marketing for Startups and Growing Organizations

Are you ready to get great sales and marketing without the burden of full-time costs? Venture Accelerator Partners provides a wide range of part-time sales and marketing services that will help drive your companies revenue and growth. By using one of our sales and marketing professionals on a fractional basis, you'll enjoy a flexible, low risk solution, professional expertise, and access to a broad network of friendly contacts.

VP of Sales IconPart-Time VP of Sales

A Part-Time VP of Sales works
closely with your management team
to provide comprehensive sales
leadership and support, creating
a sales strategy and plan and
overseeing its implementation.

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VP of MarketingPart-Time VP of Marketing

A Part-Time VP of Marketing
will help you find and build
relationships with the right target
markets and set in place the
strategies, plans, and tactics
you need to grow your revenues.

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Social MEdia ManagerPart-Time Social Media Manager

A Part-Time Social Media
Manager understands how best to
inject a range of social media
strategies and tactics into your sales
and marketing strategies to help you
achieve your goals.

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Sales RepPart-Time Sales Rep

An experienced Part-Time Sales
Representative can provide your business
with a scalable sales resource that
can effectively implement your sales
plan, working from between four and
sixteen days per month.

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Marketing ManagerPart-Time Marketing Manager

A Part-Time Marketing Manager
can execute your marketing tactics and
drive the marketing processes that will
keep your marketing initiatives on
track and on budget.

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ILGInbound Lead Generation

Part-Time Inbound Lead Generation
services can align your marketing
activities, from your website to your
social media platforms, to ensure that
your sales funnel is always full.

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