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Researching Prospects: The 5 Best Websites To Find Contact Information

Researching prospectsResearching prospects is an important part of the sales process. You often need to find a prospect’s information such as their email or phone number before you can connect with them. Knowing where to search for someone’s contact details can be challenging if you don’t know where to look.

Here is a collection of websites we use at VA Partners regularly when researching a prospect’s contact information.
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How to Legitimize Your Sales & Marketing Messaging

Sales and marketing messagingHaving a legitimate marketing and sales message will help you close new business.

Over the past number of years, we have written blog posts on what drives companies to purchase products and services. These drivers are:

  1. Helping drive more revenues
  2. Reducing a cost
  3. Creating efficiency
  4. Mitigating a risk

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7 Tips Guaranteed to Close a Sale

Close a saleClosing deals, particularly in B2B sales is always challenging.

I have yet to see a product that is a slam dunk every time, one that has no competition and one that isn’t somehow fighting to get a share of budget dollars. If you know of one, call me, I want VA Partners to start selling it.

If you live in the reality that most of us do, closing a sale is always a challenge. It is an absolute necessity, but a continuous, ongoing challenge. We have pulled together a few tips that we believe, whether you are a startup or an established company, will help you to close a sale faster.
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How to Get More Clients: 8 Simple Strategies We Use Every Month

Getting more clientsI meet a lot of startups and small businesses every month. This could be at an event at MaRS, over a coffee at Te Aro on Queen Street or at the office of a potential business partner or a new prospect. As we talk about their sales and marketing challenges and potential strategies and tactics we can use, I am often asked how VA Partners finds new customers.

The strategies we use are actually quite simple, and any business can start implementing these right away to get more clients. Here's the complete list of techniques we use that got us 12 new B2B customers over the past six months.
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What is Your Sales and Marketing Plan?

Sales-and-Marketing-Plan“If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up some place else.”

Yogi Berra was a baseball player with an affinity for tripping over his words, but his sentiment was right. Without a plan, it's hard to find success. The same is true for startups with regards to a sales and marketing plan.

Many of the growing B2B organizations that we work with at Venture Accelerator Partners have detailed product development plans, but don’t have a sales and marketing plan to drive revenue other than an arbitrary target dollar amount. Developing a great sales and marketing plan will help you guide the daily, weekly, and monthly activities you need to grow your business.

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