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B2B Sales Compensation Plans for Startups

 sales compensation plansI have helped to set and create sales compensation plans for companies that have hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue to ones that have a few thousand in revenue. Though the companies may be different in size and sell different solutions, the fundamentals of a good sales plan are the same.

Keep the following in mind when drafting a sales compensation plan for your sales reps:

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B2B Sales Research: Top Free Tools And Strategies

b2b sales researchOne of the key aspects of sales is to understand the customer’s environment and how you can help them.  Never before has so much information been available to help sales with this task.  Research can be used to help prospect new clients and help with existing ones.

When it comes to researching the companies you want to work with or sell to, finding all the necessary research before you make that call can be quite time consuming. Well, I've drafted out a list of the top free tools and strategies you take take advantage of when conducting your B2B sales research.

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Government Funding for Sales and Marketing Initiatives

government funding for sales and marketingRunning a startup is hard and can be financially straining for many entrepreneurs, therefore I've compiled a list of resources for government funding for sales and marketing initiatives that your organization can make use of. It can help you get an extra employee!

If you are a startup company in Canada you are probably aware of programs like SR&ED and IRAP . If you are not aware of these programs you might want to get a new accountant (I'm half kidding).

There are a few programs that can help organizations with sales and marketing initiatives that are less well known.

Here is a list of the ones that we are aware of:

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What Makes A Good Sales Rep?

what makes a good sales personWhat makes a good sales rep and what does it take?  

To be a good sales rep requires a number of skill sets including organization, being self-motivated, being a competitor, emotional investment and drive.  One of the most important facets of a good sales person is being able to focus on what is ultimately important.  Your efforts should be moving you ever closer to achieving your goals and helping the company to drive revenue.

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4 Reasons Why Sales and Marketing Should Work Together (In Any Organization)

Marketing-and-salesSome may think of sales and marketing as two seperate disciplines in an organization, when in reality there are many reasons for why they should be working together.  On February 23rd  I attended the Communitech Tech Leadership Conference 2011 in Waterloo. The conference included keynote speakers Geoffrey Moore and Watt Wacker, followed by a discussion panel in the afternoon moderated by Kevin Newman. During the afternoon breakout session I attended John Neeson’s lecture on “The Marketing Organization of the Future.” Working for the marketing and sales research company Sirius Decisions, John passed along great tips on how to set up your marketing department so your sales don’t fall behind. 

Below are some pointers that small businesses and start-ups will find useful:

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