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Keys to getting a new sales person contributing quickly

b2b sales personRevenue and acquiring clients is the key to most successful startups (Instagram and a few other examples aside).  Startups make a big investment when they hire their first sales person.  Getting the right person is the first challenge; the next challenge is getting that sales person productive and contributing to the top line.  Having a proper sales plan and a prepared plan that get the new sales person up to speed as soon as Flickr - thinkpanama possible will help guide their activities.

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B2B Sales Strategy: Insider Tips for Startups

b2b sales strategyOn March 22nd I had presented B2B Sales Strategy as part of the MaRS Best Practices series.  It was a great experience dealing with the MaRS team both on the preparation of the event and at the session.  There were almost 30 attendees and we had many questions and interactions from the crowd.  

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Financial Statements help with B2B Sales Strategy

b2b sales strategyVA Partners has been in business for just over 5 years and almost since day 1 we have been a member of Communitech. It is located in the Kitchener-Waterloo region and serves as a hub for the tech community there. There are many great things about Communitech, but one of the most valuable are the Peer2Peer group sessions. I belong to the Business Development & Senior Sales group and in February the meeting was on Financial Statement review for Sales People by Don McKinnon, KPMG.

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Direct or Channel Sales in B2B Organizations

direct or channel salesThe question of how to get to your market from a sales perspective, direct or channel sales, often comes up; for most start-ups there is no one right answer, it really all depends.    It depends on what you are selling, who you are selling to, how they purchase, how long your sales process is and the cost of the product.

From my experience though, a start-up needs to consider both direct and channel sales. For startups early on, they may want to lead with direct sales before engaging a channel because it is important to understand how to sell your product to a customer, why they are purchasing it and the business pain it is solving so that you will be able to educate your channel partner on this.

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The Value Proposition in B2B Sales

value proposition in b2b salesI had a conversation with a startup sales rep recently about his company’s go-to market strategy.  He was discussing how they were focusing on a technology sales versus one based on benefits.  This sentiment with startups is still very prevalent; organizations still often focus on features and functions instead of benefits far too often.

We do talk about Value Propositions a lot within our blog, because it is such an important part of the sales cycle.  A couple of gems from the past were our blogs on email value proposition and Selling to VITO. The key to a good value proposition in B2B sales is focusing on benefits for the customer.  If you are talking benefits for B2B sales you should focus on the following:

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