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4 Keys to Successful Blogging for B2B Content Marketing

B2B content marketingWe’re close to one month into the New Year and so far I’ve read several blogs on the top marketing predictions for this year. To no surprise, content marketing is at the top of all of them.

Content marketing is expected to take off and gain even more traction, making it one of the primary forms of marketing for B2B businesses in 2014.

What’s the best way your organization can embrace content marketing this year? Your blog!

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The Medium is the Message, but the Message still applies

the medium is the messageLast September, I wrote a blog titled "The Medium is the Message" and how it applies to our social media efforts. As mentioned in my previous blog, McLuhan’s theory was not made for the internet and social media, however, his theory applies none-the-less. When stating “The medium is the message”, McLuhan believed that it was not what we said, but the way we said it that mattered most. Although McLuhan was right in saying that the way we send our message is important, we cannot neglect the message itself; this is where the importance of copywriting comes in.


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B2B Marketing Webinar by CopywriterTO Recap

CopywriterTOLast week I participated in a webinar focused on B2B Marketing run by @CopywriterTO. Unlike a lot of marketing webinars that I have attended, this one addressed new concepts, ideas and tips on what tasks to implement in order to enhance your marketing efforts. After looking at my notes from the webinar, I noticed there were three main concepts I took from CopywriterTO:

Think about Sales when thinking about Marketing

  • Know your buyers’ personas. Every individual is different and therefore, so is every buyer. Know what kind of person you are targeting and arrange your marketing efforts to suit different kinds of people.
  • Ask customers what they want. This is where Social Media performs at its finest. Ask your customers for feedback on your product/service or ask them for ideas on what they would like to see.  By doing this, you are not only developing a strong relationship between buyer and seller, but you are gaining interest of prospective customers.
  • Correspond your content to your lead’s position in the buying cycle. The information you market to your prospects is going to be different depending on whether you are prospecting or negotiating.

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