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5 Free Tools to Find Content Worth Sharing

Finding ContentCompanies that share relevant and quality content with their followers stay top-of-mind and establish trust with potential buyers. In fact, according to a Nielsen Twitter Survey, 34% of people follow brands because they share interesting content.

To ensure brands they have a consistent and constant stream of news to share, they can use a combination of creating company content as well as curating third party articles.

Knowing where to look for your company content is relatively straightforward, but how can brands filter through large volumes of information on the internet to find content from other sources that is interesting, high-quality and relevant to their followers?
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9 Tips for Effectively Expanding Into New Markets

Expanding into new markets

We work with clients that sometimes require us to now and then sell a product or service into a new market, such as a new sector or geographical area. This sounds easy on paper, but to be effective it requires a substantial amount of planning and executional prowess.
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How the Sales Industry Has Changed and Where It’s Going

The sales industry is evolving and how clients find you and digest information is changing. You need to revise your sales approach and incorporate not only traditional sales efforts, but also new methods of attracting prospects, such as content marketing and social media.

I have been in the sales industry since the mid 1990’s and have done a variety of sales and employed a wide range of sales tactics, from door to door, cold calling, warm calling, inside sales, outside sales, event attendance, to mailouts.

In the last couple of years though, I have noticed it has become harder and harder to get people’s attention through traditional calling and emailing. That is not to say it isn’t effective anymore, but in today’s market, with the advent of social media and the barrage of input that prospects are inundated with, it is getting harder and harder to get heard.
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Social Media for B2B Sales Teams

There is an incredible amount of interest in social selling. B2B sales people seem interested in using social in their sales efforts, but are not sure how.

I have two presentations coming up over the next couple weeks on social media for B2B sales teams. This week I am in Kitchener-Waterloo for the Communitech Senior Sales and Business Development Peer2 Peer, and in early May I will be at the Innovation Factory in Hamilton.

This blog will recap the highlights of these presentation.
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