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How to Get More Clients: 8 Simple Strategies We Use Every Month

Getting more clientsI meet a lot of startups and small businesses every month. This could be at an event at MaRS, over a coffee at Te Aro on Queen Street or at the office of a potential business partner or a new prospect. As we talk about their sales and marketing challenges and potential strategies and tactics we can use, I am often asked how VA Partners finds new customers.

The strategies we use are actually quite simple, and any business can start implementing these right away to get more clients. Here's the complete list of techniques we use that got us 12 new B2B customers over the past six months.
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How to Build a Successful Sales Organization

B2B-Sales-Mike-StankowitschThis week I was in KW for the monthly Business Development and Senior Sales Peer2Peer event at Communitech.  This is a wonderful opportunity for sales leaders to meet-up and discuss many pertinent topics.  This is one of my favourite sales resources and there are also many other great Peer2Peer groups on a full range of topics that are important to both startups and more developed technology companies.

This week Mike Stankowitsch, a sales leader at OpenText, presented “How to Build a Successful Sales Organization”.  The event featured a ton of great content, but here are my highlights from the session.

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5 Tips for Great B2B Sales Presentations


This past week I was happy to attend the Business Development and Senior Sales Peer2Peer session at Communitech in Kitchener/Waterloo. If you are in the KW area, I would highly recommend finding the right Peer2Peer group for you. I've found that they are great for networking and very informative. This week's session was on Effective Sales Presentations by Nancy Lefneski from IWCC.  Nancy had a lot of great content in her presentation, focusing mostly on:

  • Open and Close
  • Verbal and non-verbal
  • PowerPoint
  • Audience Interaction
  • Notes and Rehearsal

It was very good session and got me thinking about what my top tips are for great B2B sales presentations.

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Top 10 Tips for a Successful B2B Sales Meeting

Meetings are often one of the most important components of a B2B sale.  Roughly half the sales effort is attaining the meeting and the other half is what you do in the meeting.  What you do before and after the meeting are important, but don’t minimize the meeting itself.

Below are my top 10 tips for a successful sales B2B meeting:


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A Sales Necessity: the Startup Elevator Pitch

startup elevator pitchBack in early 2010 I did a blog around developing an “elevator pitch” and its importance when you are a startup.  I think having a short, concise and simple to understand elevator pitch is an absolute necessity to any company and even more so if you are a startup. 


Most people will only give you a few seconds of their time to hear you out and if your description is too long, too technical or too confusing, they are done and so are you.

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