Sales and Marketing Fast Start Plan™

The Sales and Marketing Fast Start PlanTM addresses your business challenges and details a sales and marketing plan that has been proven to work for growing companies. Whether you’re looking for sales, marketing or social media support, the Sales & Marketing Fast Start PlanTM is your personalized roadmap to revenue growth.

This succinct document drills to the core of your sales and marketing challenges and provides an actionable plan for achieving your goals. Your Sales and Marketing Fast Start PlanTM will addresses the following topics:

Your Business

  • Business objectives
  • Value proposition
  • Current sales and marketing activities
  • Marketing budget
  • Your solution and pricing model

The Market

  • Your target market
  • Competitive environment
  • Target prospects and key contacts (if known)

Your Brand

  • Brand identity and brand tonality
  • Brand positioning
  • Inventory of marketing assets and gap analysis

Sales Approach

  • Sales process
  • Path to market (channel, partners, direct, etc)
  • Prospect qualification strategies
  • Customer objection handling


  • CRM tools
  • Best practices and implementation strategies

Performance Measures

  • Quantifiable goals for your business and for the VA Partners team


  • Recommended sales and marketing tactics
  • Clear implementation plan and a communication plan to ensure everything stays on track and on budget