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Sales and Marketing Tips For Canadian Industrial and Manufacturing Firms

Sales and Marketing Tips

In today’s market, a sales strategy has to include a content marketing and inbound lead generation component. This is even true for industrial and manufacturing focused companies. Simply spinning the dial and hoping to catch someone live, or calling enough people and building relationships at a global level just isn’t realistic, time effective or cost conscious.
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6 Key Items a Startup Should Consider When Expanding into a New Market

B2B Blog

Expanding your startup business into new markets can be exhilarating and at the same time frightening. When resources are tight, you want to make sure you get the most out of your investment. There are a number of items a startup must consider when expanding into a new market including:

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Features of a Good B2B Blog

B2B Blog

How do you measure how successful your blog is? It could be by how frequently your posts are being shared or by the traffic going to your website.

There are a number of factors that contribute to making a blog successful. Here are some of the features we think are most important.

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The Art of the Perfect Post

the art of the perfect post

Let’s face it, there is a bit of a science behind the world of social media. It’s important to create a plan that you should follow in order to gain more followers, share amazing content or get people talking about your product or business. In their HubSpot webinar entitled, The Art of the Perfect Post, Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick share 10 key points to being successful on social media and how to share content worth reading.

Here is a recap of their webinar:

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Driving Inbound Leads for Canadian Industrial and Manufacturing Firms

Inbound leads for Canadian Industrial FirmsHistorically, an area that Canadian industrial and manufacturing firms have struggled with is growing business on an international level. The challenge is not specific to certain cities in Canada. I have seen companies in Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara and others in different parts of Canada all face this challenge.

So, how can Canadian industrial or manufacturing firms grow their business internationally?
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