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6 Ways to Get Inbound Leads From Your Company Website

Innovation FactoryOne of the best sales and marketing tactics that a growing firm can use today is inbound lead generation.

This is a tactic that works for both B2C and B2B organizations. At the centre of this strategy is your website. We have found that WordPress is an excellent CMS to assist with inbound lead generation.
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Content Marketing: A B2B Sales Person’s New Secret Weapon

Content Marketing: A B2B Sales Person’s New Secret WeaponIn today’s B2B sales environment, it is getting hard to get a hold of people whether it’s by phone or email.

Prospects at every level are inundated with electronic messages of every sort. They barely have enough time to get their day to day job completed, let alone look at a new solution or product despite its benefits.

So, what is a B2B sales person to do? Well, it’s not a shiny piece of software, nor is it a large piece of equipment, rather it is….drumroll please… content marketing.
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5 Great Ways to Use Google Analytics

5 Great Ways to Use Google Analytics

There are many important things that can be learned by applying Google Analytics to your company website. In fact, if you aren’t currently using Google Analytics you should be! You are missing out on some really great information that could be telling you a lot about your business – some good and some bad.

Here are 5 great ways to use Google Analytics.

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What Parts of Sales and Marketing Can Be Outsourced?

What Parts of Sales and Marketing Can Be Outsourced?For a startup, there are always more things that need to be done than there is time to do it.

Mark Evan’s has a great blog examining if startups should outsource everything. Startups outsource many things today including bookkeeping, development, HR, and many more tasks. At Venture Accelerator Partners we believe that a startup should not look to outsource sales and marketing tasks if they have the time, money, and expertise to do it themselves. That is not always the case however.

Here are 5 areas where an organization could leverage sales and marketing outsourcing.
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Inbound Lead Generation is a Continuous Process

Inbound Lead Generation is a Continuous ProcessSales is one of the most difficult aspects for any business, especially for startups. Since it is easier to close a sale with a prospect that is looking for what you are offering, generating these qualified leads is what can make or break growing leads.

Generating inbound leads for your organization can be achieved by employing, what we call, a “Virtuous Circle”. These are steps that we use with our clients and that have also lead to VA Partners generating over 50 inbound leads a month.
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