Revisiting Your Content Strategy In 2015

January 22, 2015 Marketing 0 Comments

Content Strategy
Content Marketing has been a ubiquitous buzzword for marketers for quite some time now. While it is easy to throw it around in business meetings, many marketing teams still struggle with their content management strategy. It’s even more of a challenge for B2B companies.

Here is a handy guide to help assess if your content marketing strategies are still addressing the needs of your company.

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Sales – Sounds Simple, But Lots to Consider

January 20, 2015 Sales Tactics 0 Comments


Sales – a short word that sounds simple. How difficult can a 5 letter word be? In all honesty, most people don’t appreciate the complexity of sales and how interwoven it is in all facets of a business.

A few things to consider right off the top – Without sales there is no business. Revenue is a function of some form of sales effort.
The sales effort drives all remaining aspects of the business including: operations, logistics, finance, IT, HR, and R&D. Without sales, the others have little place.

As I mentioned above, sales is a complex interaction of events and to do it properly takes quite a bit of thought and planning. When a company is looking at building a sales strategy and plan for a product or service, one must consider a large number of factors including:


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Introduction to Keyword Strategy for Startups

Keyword StrategyOver 90% of people use search engines for product research, which means that search engine optimization (SEO) is more important than ever for your business.

The phrases that people use when they search are known as “keywords” and a good keyword strategy will help you systematically ensure that your website is using the right phrases to describe your service/product, and the phrases that people are searching for.

This blog post will provide a 5-step introduction to finding the right keywords, creating relevant content and tracking your results for your startup.

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A Communications Plan is the Key for Successful B2B Sales Leadership

January 13, 2015 Sales Strategy 0 Comments

Communications Plan

Working with a sales person is different than almost any other team member at growing organizations. I presented Growing your B2B Sales team at the Innovation Factory recently. The most popular area for discussion was communications plans for the sales team. It is one of the top areas for improvement for the sales leader. I find that organizations put more effort into their product or service better, yet spend little time thinking about how they will work with the sales team to make them better.

For a sales person I feel that there are 4 types of communications that should be used as part of the management process. These include management by walking around, joint calls/meetings, team meetings, and the individual meeting. The individual meeting is the one that has the biggest impact on the development of the sales person, forecast accuracy, and sales wins. I would recommend having an individual meeting 2 times a month.

My suggestions for an agenda for the individual meeting would include:


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Creating an Inbound Lead Generation Strategy

Inbound Lead Generation

Inbound lead generation is a strategy that all businesses should be using to their benefit. It is an easy and effective way to generate business through content marketing. Inbound lead generation is a continuous process. Your strategy should continue to evolve as your business does, ensuring that your techniques and content stays relevant.

Here are some ways your business can create, or improve their inbound lead generation strategy.


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