14 Essential Social Networks to Register Your Brand On

July 28, 2015 Social Media 0 Comments

social mediaA social media plan is essential for any modern business.

According to Social Media Today, 78% of people say a companies’ social media posts influence their purchasing decisions, and social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound methods.

Not only can social media bring new leads, businesses can use social media to stay in touch with leads during the sales process.

Not all social networks may be relevant to all companies and businesses don’t necessarily need to be on every major social network; however, it’s still a good idea to create accounts as placeholders to prevent someone else from taking the username.

If you’re a new business, below is a list of the top social networks you should register your business on.


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3 Opportunities in Millennial Stereotypes

July 23, 2015 Sales Strategy 0 Comments

Millennial Stereotypes

Guest Blog by Heidi Fortes
Heidi Fortes is Consultant and Owner at Heidi Fortes Sales and Success Training

Millennials are a breed of their own. Idealists, adventurers and risk-takers sum up a generation born into the cusp of what was to become the beginning of the golden age of technology. Very different than generations passed Millennials can definitely come across as frustrating and, maybe a little hard to deal with from those in Gen X and the Baby Boomers. But, there’s no opportunity in dwelling on the negative and let’s face it by 2020 Millennials will account for 1.4 trillion dollars in annual spending. With that being said, there are tons of negative millennial stereotypes that are serving no purpose and discounting an entire generation of young consumers who will change the course of how brands sell themselves over the next ten years.


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Stop Using Excel to Manage Your B2B Customer Data

manage Your B2B Customer Data

One of the biggest recommendations I make to B2B startups is to start using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Organizations invariably start with Excel as their repository for customer information. There are many benefits for using a CRM versus excel to manage your customers. There should be no reason not to use a CRM. The high-end for startups for CRM is Salesforce.com starting at $25 per user a month and starting with a tool like HubSpot CRM at $0 for the sales side. There are pluses and minuses to either of the CRM systems, but both are better than use an Excel spreadsheet.

Here is why you need to stop using Excel to manage your B2B customer data.


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Top Take-Aways from the HubSpot Inbound Certification

HubSpot Inbound Certification

Last month, I successfully achieved my Hubspot Inbound Certification. With videos, quizzes and other resources, it covers everything you need to know about Inbound Sales and Marketing. Inbound is all about crafting content that is customer centric, which naturally attracts traffic.

Here are my biggest take-aways from the Hubspot Inbound Certification:


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Competitive Knock-Out…How to Outsell and Out Position Your Competitor

Competitive Knock-Out

Anytime you are selling something from a B2B standpoint, you are not only selling your product or services to your prospect, but you are also outselling and out positioning a competitor. That competitor in some cases may be in the same situation as you – selling into the company, or they could be the incumbent you are trying to knock out.

The idea for this blog came to me while conversing with a prospect account for a client of ours that I have been working for the better part of two years. They are in the industrial space and have been utilizing the same supplier for over 10 years. Our client’s service is similar to the incumbents obviously, otherwise we wouldn’t be having a discussion and differentiated enough that the door is now open to conversation particularly as the prospects market economics have changed. I haven’t closed this deal yet, but it did get me thinking about what it takes to sell to your prospect and beat out a competitor or knock out an incumbent.

I have listed a few strategies, tactics and tips for how to outsell and out position your competitor, below.


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