5 Free WordPress Plugins to Increase Email Newsletter Subscribers

email newsletter pluginsAn email newsletter is an essential B2B marketing tool to nurture leads, stay in touch with existing clients and distribute valuable content such as white papers, industry commentary and company news.

If you’re new to using an email newsletter as a marketing tool, check out our list of 35 email newsletter and guides to get started.

For companies who have already have an email list set up and are using WordPress for their company website or blog, these 5 free WordPress plugins are designed to help you exponentially your email newsletter subscriber list.
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How to Properly Use Yoast to SEO Your Blog Posts

Innovation Factory

Posting blogs on your company website will get you pageviews from regulars or people who know how to find you. However, it's important to utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help facilitate more traffic to your website through search engines like Google or Bing. At VA Partners, we use a plugin from Yoast to help us properly SEO our blogs, using WordPress. If you aren’t familiar with WordPress, here are some ways that it can benefit your business.

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The RFP – A Sales Opportunity?

rfp RFPs (Request for Proposals) are not something any sales person looks forward to. They are often time tedious, repetitive, long, full of a significant amount of legalese and in many cases do not allow the responder to properly highlight why their solution would be the best fit for the issuer. That being said, in some cases they are simply a necessity of the sales process. This blog will provide a few suggestions on how to best influence and respond to an RFP to increase your chances of differentiating your product or solution. Read More…