Take Your B2B Sales to the BANK! Crack the Personality Code

February 28, 2013 Sales Strategy 2 Comments


I recently attended a webinar entitled BANK: Crack the Personality Code by Cheri Tree, CEO at Global XTS. Cheri presented her own personal sales strategy that’s based upon her identification of four key personality types. By learning how to sell to each of the four personality types, Cheri was able to grow her first year commission of $700 into a seven figure income. Cheri is confident that by cracking the personality code, B2B sales professionals can increase their sales by 300%.

This post will provide you with a brief explanation of the four personality types, explained by Cheri as the acronym ‘BANK’, and detail what matters most to them in B2B sales.

1. Blueprint Personality

People with the Blueprint personality type are very calculating, very precise, and often operate on a step-by-step basis in the B2B sales process.

Blueprint personality types typically make decisions based on a formal, regimented system where aspects such as cost and organizational reputation are valued. If you want to appeal to a Blueprint personality type, it can be helpful to demonstrate that your team values precision and detailed planning for operations. Be sure to read our blog post on how B2B sales can be more science than art for tips on improving your processes.

2. Action Personality

People that have an action personality type are those that can be described as fired up, movers and shakers, and motivated.

Action personality types like to feel like the star of the show, placing value on being treated like a VIP throughout the B2B sales process and receiving exclusive offers. The focus behind the decision to buy is placed more on lifestyle, making them more receptive to offers that include freedom and flexibility. Making the action personality types feel valued and special is key to earning their businesses.

3. Nurturing Personality

The nurturing personality type consists of warm, loving, gentle people. They are both people oriented and cause-driven. Nurturing personality types are commonly motivated by being a part of a team and the desire to contribute.

In order to appeal to nurturing personality types, your offering should be presented in a way that reflects how people will benefit as a whole. Nurturing personality types can be extremely valuable to an organization, as they often can help to create a movement, thereby attracting additional users. In addition, Nurturing personality types can become lifetime clients. If you want to sell to nurturing personality types, try these B2B sales and marketing tools to stay connected and enhance your customer relationships.

4. Knowledge Personality

Knowledge personality types are very intelligent and like to gather data throughout the B2B sales process. Knowledge types value statistics, accuracy and quantifiable information.

When attempting to sell to a knowledge type, it’s important to present detailed and measurable information about both your organization and your offering. It will be important to demonstrate your competency, highlight your experience and keep in mind “the big picture” of your offerings impact. If you need help deciding what information to present to a knowledge personality type, be sure to consider the areas covered by the VA Partners Sales and Marketing Fast Start Plan.

Learning to sell according to personality is similar to learning to sell according to the prospects spoken language. When you know the personality type of your prospect, you can adjust how you present your offering according to what “language” your prospect will understand best.

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