About Our Team

Sales, marketing and inbound lead generation team

Based in Toronto, Venture Accelerator Partners provides a wide range of part-time sales and marketing services that will help drive your company's revenue and growth. Our team has experience in industries from technology to industrial, and from startups to large enterprises.

Steve Gruber, Co-Founder

Steve Gruber
Since founding VA Partners in 2006, Steve has assisted firms in generating millions of dollars revenue, driving millions of website pageviews and booking hundreds of meetings. More →

Mark Elliott, Co-Founder

Mark Elliott
Since 2006, Mark has helped clients drive millions of website pageviews, book hundreds of meetings, and secure millions of dollars in revenue. More →

Lily Leung, Marketing Manager

Lily develops effective strategies for content marketing, inbound lead generation and social media to help growing companies get new leads. More →

Emma Truax, Marketing Manager

Emma Truax
Since joining VA Partners in the spring of 2014 Emma helps clients manage marketing content and implements social media strategies. More →

Tabitha David, Marketing Manager

Tabitha David
Returning as a Marketing Manager to VA Partners in Spring 2015, after a co-op semester here in Winter 2011, Tabitha has taken on a number marketing and social media roles both for VA Partners internally and clients. More →

Heidi Fortes, Sales Rep

Heidi Fortes
Heidi is an experienced sales professional with a unique sales agnostic background. She has worked with IBM, FedEx, a growing tech firm, and most recently led all sales efforts on behalf of Square in Ontario. More →

Grow your business faster with our sales, marketing & inbound lead generation help.