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Founding partners, Mark Elliott and Steve Gruber have two things in common: a passion for sales and marketing (especially the thrill of a close) and a firm belief that a solid and well executed process will consistently deliver results. We’ve been proving this philosophy since launching VA Partners’ part-time sales, marketing, and social media services in 2006. With over 50 combined years of experience in sales and marketing in the software, hardware, mobile, design, service, and telecommunications industries, the VA Partners team brings a wealth of expertise to solving your organizations every need.

The VA Partners Difference

Working with us to develop and execute your sales and marketing processes means:

  • A well-established sales process
  • Integrated CRM and social media
  • A sales funnel of solid and qualified leads
  • More deals closed (and faster)
  • Saved time and money

We can help your business ‘cross the chasm’ and build scalable, results-driven sales and marketing functions. After all, your growth and long-term success is our main priority.

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