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B2B Sales, Marketing and Inbound Lead Generation

Venture Accelerator Partners provides B2B sales, marketing and inbound lead generation services to startups and fast-growing organizations. Our clients range from mobile start-ups, to technology companies, to large industrial companies.

Our founding partners, Mark Elliott and Steve Gruber have two things in common: a passion for sales and marketing (especially the thrill of a close) and a firm belief that a well-executed process will consistently deliver results. Our team has over 50 combined years of experience in sales and marketing in the software, hardware, mobile, design, service, and telecommunications industries. The VA Partners team brings a wealth of expertise to solving your organization's sales, marketing and inbound marketing needs.

We can help your business achieve scalable, results-driven sales and marketing results. Your growth and long-term success is our main priority.

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We leverage over 40 years of sales experience to provide strategic and tactical sales help. Learn more →


We can help determine what the right strategy and tactics for your business. Learn more →

Inbound Lead Generation
Inbound Lead Generation

Get more leads with content marketing, social media, email marketing and SEO. Learn more →

International Marketing
International Marketing

Grow and expand your presence in Canada with our help. Learn more →

Why Choose Us?

Our team brings decades of experience and is passionately committed to driving revenue for startups and growing organizations. Some of our recent accomplishments include:

  • Closing multiple new customer accounts and creating a $600,000 annual annuity stream for a financial services company
  • Closing $300,000 in incremental revenue working six days per month for a client
  • Securing partnership meetings with companies like RIM and Microsoft
  • Identifying a $380,000 opportunity through Twitter

Grow your business faster with our sales, marketing & inbound lead generation help.

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